Sunday, August 27, 2006

Movie conundrum

Generally speaking, I am not a movie goer and I am making a concerted effort to be a movie viewer. I've had a subscription to NetFlix for less than a year - and in the past two months I reduced the number of movies that I receive on a monthly basis.

I like movies, but sometimes, based on a well produced movie trailer, I select the wrong movies to watch. I say all that to say, I really wanted to check out Outkast's Idlewild this weekend. However, I did not. So, you might be saying, well, maybe she was just too busy. That is a true assessment. But, I was willing to rearrange my tight schedule so that I could watch this much hyped production - a production that I think might be worth my time as a viewer. That last comment is based on the reviews of the movie from a variety of sources.

Point is, I did not see the film. But not for the reason(s) that you think. I live in a relatively small town. I don't have the population figures. Though it's a good size - large enough to have a movie theater and some national chain restaurants. The movie house on occasion has surprised me in terms of the movies that are shown. Unfortunately, this weekend was not one of the times that I'd be surprised AND that I would want to see a film.

There is a good thing about living in a small city with one theatre ... the cost of seeing a movie at the theater is inexpensive. Earlier this year, you could go the movies on Tuesdays before 6 p.m. and only pay $2.50! So imagine my surprise when I went to see some unmemorable flick and the price on Tuesdays before 6 p.m. had gone up - that's right - the price went up to $3.75. Crazy. I did not get a memo on that, nor did word of mouth in this small town travel to me about that change in price of attending a movie. Still, that is small change in comparison to the big city folks, isn't it. So what am I guffawin about???

And that my friends is my conundrum ... a cheap movie, but not the movie selection of my liking. Oh, woe is me ...


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