Sunday, September 10, 2006

a matter of all things random

Small stuff that's on my mind:

  • There is a lot going on these days. And if you are a sports hound, then you must be in heaven. College football is back at it as is the NFL. Add in the U.S. Open action and it does not seem as if you can get out of the house, not even to stretch your legs.
  • The gas prices in my neck of the woods have dropped dramatically. Of course, they always seem to be at the lowest after I fill up the tank. I spotted gas @ $2.18 a gallon at two separate place today. Not bad.
  • The Fall TV viewing season is slowing starting back up. I aim to watch "Studio 50" on NBC; "Ugly Betty" on ABC and although they are not new, I plan to check out several shows on the new CW including "Everybody Hates Chris."
  • I am such a sponge for reality TV. I have seen only some of VH1's Celebreality block. However, I must say "The Flavor of Love" is such a no brainer and I can see why people waste away watching it. I actually enjoy Celebrity Fit Club, but I can't definitively say why. Do I enjoy seeing people suffer and/or experience emotional break downs on television? I have not however, enjoyed CBS' "Big Brother." I don't know which is more harmful to me emotionally Flava Flav or Julie Chen (I think Chen does more damage; something about her switching from journalist mode to hip chick just reeks with me).
  • Speaking of reality TV: on deck "Survivor" goes racial. Sure over the past few seasons we can count how many minorities have been on the show. Crazy thing is with this racially divided "Survivor," I don't think it will draw more viewers except for maybe on the first episode. Heck, don't people just watch to see some part of themselves on the screen? As in "could I do that?" "If that was me, I'd ___." I'll check out the show, like I have for the past few seasons. I don't record it on my DVR, but I hope to keep up with it one way or another.
  • More on Reality TV, though just briefly: "Amercia's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway." I watch both of these shows. Good stuff too. "Runway" seems to have some real purpose outside of the requisite drama. Nice to see some up and coming designers ideas come to fruition. And the challenges don't seem to be too outrageous. Sometimes the challenges on ANTM are just a bit much. And I am not a fan of Jay on that show. He's so contradictory.

Let me go away for now and ponder how I am going to win the latest Mega Millions pot - it's is well beyond 100 mil. But what you did not know is that I am only gunning for a mil. If you have any tips, shoot them my way. I've been playing the auto pick - might have to shake up that strategy, huh?

radiogirl loves you ... schmooches all around!


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