Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday 100 :: 2011 BET Awards by guest Kevin C. King

Wow, it seems like just a few weeks ago that I drummed up the idea to write a weekly blog post about music: something simple, but fun. That was in November of 2008 and the first Music Monday blog post was's "It's a New Day".

Sometimes, weeks go by and often the only post that goes up is the Music Monday blog post. Lately it just seems that life away from the computer is way more fun than being on the computer - and then there's the part about recuperating from all of the fun.

At any rate, I was trying to come up with ideas for the centennial blog post and this idea just fell in my lap: I'd seen the tweets and Facebook status updates about the 2011 BET Awards that aired on Sunday, June 26th and I was curious about a few things: Rick Ross taking off his shirt, Alexander O'Neal and Cherrelle's not so stellar performance, Anita Baker's tried and true black dress and more. Then my brother posted on FB that he had missed the original airing too, but then he saw a repeat of the show. He then sent a note on FB with his thoughts and comments on the show - hilarious. So I'm re-blogging his note from FB.

I did finally watch many of the highlights, though I did not see the clip featuring the Smith kids.

Here's the link to the official 2011 BET Awards • Hosted By Kevin Hart.

And here's my brother, Kevin C. King's debut blog post:
2011 BET Awards Breakdown:

OK I just watched the BET Awards since I heard so many things, good and bad about them and here is my BREAKDOWN of the show.

1.     Mary J and Anita Baker love them both but it was blah-say to say the most.
2.     Who the hell put the nominee list together? I mean who are half of these people.
3.     Jill Scott’s Big Sexy Ass Set was the sh*t!!! It was like it was just dropped in there from somewhere else.
4.     My Boy Chris Brown did his thing…Side note "Aye Chris. Leave that (edit) alone she mean you no good. DIG UP YOUR DRAWS MAN, DIG THEM UP!!!"
5.     Willo Smith must still have had some of that paint left in her hair from waving it back and forth. That’s the only thing that could explain that hairdo. And the tie sh*t…. COME ON!
6.     Didn’t the home wrecker Alisha Keys hair look like frizzy straw and weren’t her arms looking kind of on their way to Elephant Ears?
7.     Nikki Minaj won? No sh*t, who were those no name (edit) she was up against. And since we on her ass “What the HELL was that Nikki and Justin Beiber thing. CORN!
8.     Who was the black baldheaded chick in the tutu? NOT A GOOD LOOK!
9.     Loved Cherelle and Alexander O’neil but he looked like he was back stage with Bobby and Whitney doing a little something, something. And did you see his mouth…OMG! Life after the 80’s did not treat him well. I actually thought he was dead. Ooops.
10.  Trey Songs took all of 2.5 seconds to get half way naked…LMAO
11.  Kelly Rowland YES but you better stop being hot and outshining BeOynce before the Knowles family DEMAND a Destiny’s Child reunion to put out your fire.
12.  Steve Harvey usually. No is ALWAYS Very Polished in his dress but that shirt with that suit was not it.
13.  Why was Al Sharpton trying to walk like President Obama? It’s only room for one pimp sir. You cool but fall back.
14.  And then they took them hethans to church LMAO
15.  And Yes Lord Mary Mary…Hmmmmmmmm
16.  But did anybody notice that when they started singing the gospel songs the camera was only on no name brands in the audience?
17.  Now them Hot Mess Braxton’s! Them (edit) do got some harmony for your ass.
18.  Cello Green has lost his mind!!!!!!!!! , but he “did” Patti’s song.
19.  Didn’t the girl who sang “If Only You Knew” look like the lady that took her leg and wig off and eyes out in ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka “?
20.   Shirley Ceasar wasn’t playing!!!
21.  I love Patti LaBelle with her Turn Out Ass!!!! and them (edit) looking right nice! And she sing effortlessly!
22.  Why when Patti was singing “Lady Marmalade” (the hoe song) the camera, mind you, that hasn’t been on a so called  “star” for many minutes, zooms in on Nicki Minaj? LMAO.
23.  Home girl did Tina Marie justice!!!!! I think that was Ledisi.
24.  The Hollywood Husbands was HILARIOUS!!
25.  I am quite sure I caught Lil Wayne and Drake lipsyncing a few times and was Lil Wayne “FROLICING AROUND” on stage? HOLLARING! Yeah he was “On One.”
26.  OK, let’s she what BeOnyce got for a (edit). Ok girl get off of that “We Are The World" Girl Power shit and get to the HUNCHFEST !!!!!
27.  HERE WE GO !!!!!!! ... but the song ain’t shit.


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