Thursday, March 15, 2012

TRAVEL :: Aarhus, Denmark

TRAVEL :: Aarhus, Denmark

Went to Denmark for the first time last week. It was a work related trip: a faculty exchange between the Journalism and Mass Communication Department at The American University in Cairo and The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX).

DMJX has a practical program. It was quite busy there in terms of students working on projects. Students were pitching stories prior to their visit the the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg, France.

The students get to work with audio quite a bit as well. They mostly use a higher end Olympus recording device and for audio editing they use Hindenburg. I've played around w/Hindenburg a bit. Takes a bit getting used to, which is the case for most editing systems. Probably won't be able to adopt it at my uni. We use Audacity because it's available for Mac and PC and it's free. But mostly there's always a class in most of our labs and students will want and need access to computers at hours when I'm usually asleep.

Click on the photo to enlarge it.
 A variety of pics in Denmark. Taken March, 2012.

Movin right along ... so the Danes are quite the cyclists. Die hards. They're up there w/the Dutch. I mean, it actually snowed while I was there and there were still a slew of folks making their way up and down the bike lanes. I don't know how I feel about biking in a parka ... actually, I do, and I'll pass. On the flip side of that, the Danish women are more fashionable than I thought; but really, I hadn't even thought about that. I did, however, buy some boots because the Danish women were rockin some boots in that town.

The language barrier was not that big of a deal for me. Many people spoke English; at least in the small circle of people I met and spent time around.

I stayed at this cute and cool place near Aarhus University: The Aarhus Guesthouse. It's basically a bed and breakfast without the breakfast. Comfortable bed, heat, clean. Near a grocery. Near the bus stops. Reasonably priced.

Speaking of money, I should have done a bit more research on the Danish Kroner. It's not that it's too pricey. I just didn't comprehend the comparison to the American dollar.

Overall, Aarhus is cozy and comfortable. I'm a anxious to return; considering doing that in the summer. One reason is that my schedule was so tight that I did not get to see any of Copenhagen, except for the airport ... and that's just wrong.

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