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BOOK REVIEW: "Imperfect Bliss" by Susan Fales-Hill

BOOK REVIEW: "Imperfect Bliss" by Susan Fales-Hill

To say that this is the worst book that I've read this year doesn't say much b/c I haven't read many books this year. However, this is indeed the worst book that I've read in recent memory. I don't know why I'm giving it two stars; it's that bad.

I was disgusted with the book early on. The premise is ridiculous. Unfortunately, that's all I'll say in the event that you choose to torture yourself by reading this garbage.

I did read the entire book though my inclination was to dump it and return it to the book store and get my full $25 refund. If I didn't have any personal ethics, I'd still return it; but I know better. It was the summer selection for my book club (and yes, there was a lot of finger pointing about who selected this book to read).

The only saving grace for this book was the extensive use of words that were unfamiliar to me; I used the dictionary on several occasions. But it's also my belief that the author was showing off in this regard. Whatever - at least I learned something. And one more tidbit was the inclusion of some African American history that was more than a bit intriguing.

Here's the reading group guide for "Imperfect Bliss" from the publisher. That could at least assist with a fruitful discussion if you decided to ignore my advice to avoid reading this book.

If you need a solid reason on why this book was called 'horrid drivel' at the book club meeting - I'll give you two:
  • it has a silly plot 
  • it lacks character development for most of the characters
It could be said that the silly plot is a poke at modern day television, but it goes on too long and it gets uninteresting - and it gets uninteresting fast.

And finally, speaking of television, it's my belief that the book is getting traction in the media mostly b/c of Fales-Hill's previous credentials as a TV scriptwriter. Don't be fooled by all of the hype.

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At 10:12 PM, Blogger brownirishgal said...

Your review is HILARIOUS! Opening line "...this is the worst book that I've read this year..." Just because of this, I might check out the first chapter :-)
Love, TC


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