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The Egyptian Way :: 3 Places to Order Groceries Online in Cairo

3 Places to Order Groceries Online in Cairo

I've been living and working in Cairo, Egypt for five (5) years and like in the U.S., it's my preference to physically go shopping. I like to see and touch the veggies and it's just nice to get out and about.

Cairo is a busy city! And frankly speaking, sometimes I just don't feel like going out. In the U.S. when I had that feeling, I would just go without or get off my ass and go to the grocery store.

In Cairo, good groceries are just a 'click' away and even with the 'click' the groceries may arrive within the hour. I say that because I know that you can order just about anything now on Amazon and it will arrive in a day or so. So that is a very nice option.

I don't order that often so I don't have a preference for a particular company listed below. I usually buy from the one that has the most items that I want in stock.

It should be noted that it is possible that you can find many of the items listed on any of these websites at cheaper prices if you visit a local market. There's a price for convenience - I'm all about convenience.

Gourmet Egypt
  • Maybe one of the most popular online grocery stories. The name says a lot. However, because of it's popularity, they are often out of some items.
  • Good experience ordering from them. They have a physical store in my neighborhood and the delivery is speedy.
  • They have several physical stores around Cairo.
  • The website is easy to navigate
    • In English
    • Various categories like 'gourmet delights' which is great for planning parties. 
    • They have a search field.
  • There is often a sale of some sort.
  • They now offer gift cards in increments of 150, 250 and 500LE.
  • The delivery fee (typically 9LE), times and locations is posted in the 'delivery/returns' section.
  • They email you the receipt, but it does not include information about delivery times.
  • One problem, if an item is not in stock they will email you. However, I think that they should call you so that if you want to cancel the order because certain items are no longer available, you will have that option. 
  • Payment on delivery: cash or credit.

My June 5th order from Gourmet Egypt.

  • Great experience with this company because they emailed the receipt and the approximate delivery time. They arrived on time with a bounty of food and I was able to pay with my debit card.
  • Good prices and a good quantity.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
    • In English.
    • Various categories.
    • They have a search field.
  • Payment is cash on delivery.

Nature's Gifts Stores
  • I've ordered from this company before. Good experience.
  • The website is easy to navigate.
    •  In English, which is interesting because they have a video tutorial in Arabic. 
    • A variety of categories to select from including non-food items.
  • They offer some hard to find items like buckwheat, quinoa and gluten free products.
  • They also email you your receipt and details of the delivery time and the final cost.
Happy grocery shopping.

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