Friday, September 15, 2006

Increasingly Tech Saavy

In the past few weeks I have experienced several tech victories alongside some tech letdowns!

Tech victories: 2
Tech letdowns: 1, but on a major scale

  • I've learned that my resolve is wider than the Cuyahoga River (and btw, that's not so wide, however, it is considerably better than I'd thought).
  • I've learned to troubleshoot my own computer issues, rather than call on IT (I have, on occasion, yelled down the hall - doesn't mean that help arrives, but it certainly give the issue some warranted attention).
  • I've learned that when I don't call on IT, they end up coming around anyway because they somehow find out my issues and come to fix what I shouldn't be doing in the first place which is hacking around their territorial network
  • I've learned that when IT finally arrives, just pack your things and go home for the day (or in my case, make small conversation while cleaning my 'once-upon-a-time' neat and tidy office; still not neat and tidy, but neater and tidier than prior to the IT visit).
  • I've learned that when IT finally completes the task and the computer is up and running as if nothing ever happened, I should send IT a thank you note and/or gift (I'm sure I've taken away four completely valuable hours of their life that they will never get back - and maybe throw in a copy of the latest Wired).
  • I've learned that I, too, have tenacity, resilience and most importantly, patience - who needs IT when you have all that...? Well, more minutes in a day is also a must have!

Here's to computer geeks, gurus and gems like me.


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