Friday, December 07, 2007

The Grammy Nominations

I love awards season ... a chance to see all my pop culture heroes get their kudos! Just a quick post about the Grammy nominations:

  • Alice Smith: I had this cd in my office for well over six months, then I tried to give it away to the students and they overlooked it, I listened to it again, thought that it was okay and ended up giving it to my sister who fell in love, love, love with it! She went to see her perform recently and said the live performance was quite nice. Alice reminds me (just a bit) of Macy Gray.

  • Amy Winehouse: Tough time recently for this brit, but she's got the talent. I first became aware of her through ?uestlove of The Roots - he wrote about her in his blog. I got wise, purchased a copy via the interweb and gave it to my sis last Christmas - I enjoyed this one quite a bit myself. A few weeks after Christmas when I asked my sis if she had listened to it, she said no ... but she finally got around to it and shared the love w/her friends and co-workers. She is now a bonafide Amy Winehouse fan.

More to come later ... enjoy the list:

50th Annual Grammy Awards Nominations List

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