Monday, November 19, 2007

Things to do - my to do list

I've had several days off from work, so I've been trying to do a number of things from reading to household chores to learning a new thing or two. Here are some of the items on the list:
  • put flannel sheets on the bed (who want to be cold when sleeping?)
  • online banking (some folks have now been paid)
  • clean up the coffee table (the papers were piling up)
  • pack some packages; and mail them (lots of goodies for my friends)
  • add McAfee to my personal laptop
  • order magazine subscriptions for holiday gifts
  • grade class assignments
  • workout for two 30-minute sessions per day
  • pack for the Thanksgiving trip to Mom's

That's some of what I am up to when I am not online.

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