Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Fav Meal of the Day

I like to eat. Some people might be surprised at that statement because they have never seen me eat anything so much as a cracker.

But it's true - I like to eat. However, I am just now conceding that I am a sort of picky eater, or so it seems. I do not eat beef or pork. Some folks equate that w/being a vegetarian, but I know better. I eat fish and fowl and dairy too; I am not a true vegan.

So why would someone think I'm finicky just because I do not eat beef and pork? Well, I try to eat healthy and stay away from bad things like fried foods and too much sugar and salt.

But back to the focus of this post ... as much as I love soup and salad, breakfast is my all time favorite meal of the day! The variety is endless: when I used to live in Buffalo (when I first gave up beef and pork, but not at the same time), I started having fish and grits for breakfast. Love that. I came to love going to Mattie's, a local restaurant, because they would grill or fry it, put some cheese on my grits and it would be all slow motion walking out of there. Just really good comfort food.

I also love waffles! Yummy! I just like a nice, hot waffle. I love when I go to a hotel and they have the complimentary breakfast w/the waffles where you pour the batter on the waffle maker and flip it over ... yeah ... I have recently been scouting out one of those devices.

Lastly, I like turkey sausage and potatoes and not necessarily together. I like to got to Cracker Barrel because they are one of the few restaurants that offer turkey sausage (and they are good; they also have a hashbrown casserole that is to die for).

Interestingly enough, I eat breakfast daily. Though I've taken to having cereal and generic corn flakes at that (though I do add honey). Some mornings I have oatmeal, but that's when I've run out of milk. But on the daily for me, it's a bowl of corn flakes by 9 a.m. ... and now you know.

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