Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Online Auction Tips and Technique

I recently sat in on an eBay seminar hosted by the United States Post Office. And yes, they are in bed together and what a fruitful relationship it appears to be.

It was a three hour session and I came away w/a wealth of knowledge. Including information about the various fees that will be assessed as a part of the eBay selling process; though it is not too excessive or expensive. I learned about the various shipping options; and that the USPS will come to your home to pick up packages - FREE of charge. Love that. And they'll send you FREE boxes! I say, "What can brown do for you?" Get in the game, brown ... get in the game.

Now, I attended this seminar because I am planning to divest a good portion of my material goods over the next few months. My wares include lots and lots of clothes! I don't know that I can part w/my personal library and/or my cd collection ... but the clothes must go.

Oh and how about this ... in the event that my life just gets too hectic and I conclude that there is absolutely no way that I can put the three hours worth of knowledge to use, I learned that I could utilize the services of a trading assistant. A trading assistant is a person who does the work for you; like cosignment, but on eBay. Of course, the trading assistant will take a cut - 33%, so I'm told. But you know, 67% profit for doing nothing ain't bad especially since you would have otherwise received nothing.

So the next time you're sniffing around eBay, lurking and trying to win the auction that I'm biddin fiercely on ... yeah, I've seen you out there ... no, you just go in another direction, but then again, I shouldn't be biddin anyway, right ... ? Cause I'm supposed to be purgin and not purchasin ... oh, and about the seminar, if you have the time and there is one in your area, I say check it out. At the very least, try to get the packet that they issued. Good stuff.

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