Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pay Attention, why don't you ... ?

Lately, I have been a bit perturbed about driving. Now, this is not a proclamation about me being the best driver in the state of Ohio. However, it is obvious to me that I am certainly not the worst driver on the roads in the Buckeye State.

Poor Judgment of Speed
  • This is a huge pet peeve of mine; and recently it seems lots and lots of folks are just sashaying in front of me; nevermind, how fast I am going. It forces me to hit the brakes and yell profanities and/or make a quick maneuver to an available lane.
  • Keep in mind, a great deal of my daily driving is on a four lane state route. So motorists wanting to enter the highway are supposed to use caution before getting in the mix. I think they are saying "to hell w/caution, I'm the unstoppable Gertrude, and I need to get to Delores' so we can bake some pies ..." Okay, so I'm stereotyping, but only to make a point (please tell me you got the point ...)

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