Friday, August 10, 2007

The White-Baer Wedding

What a good time. I have managed to avoid being in a wedding until now ... I don't think anyone has had an experience quite like this one. I am so pleased that I accepted the invitation to be in this wedding.

Now, I would not normally blog about something as personal as a wedding, but Ryan White and April Baer have been publically writing and blogging about this event for some time, so the gate has been opened.

The sign that it would be a worry-free affair began at the bridal shower when the bride-to-be told me that I could wear the dress I had on at the bridal shower to the wedding ... well, thanks, but no thanks. But what she intended to say was that it would be a laid back and stressless affair. I did end up selecting a dress from my wardrobe that was more like 'I'm a bridesmaid' and less like 'I'm attending the wedding'.

The affair was in the state's capital and the weather cooperated, if heat index of 90 is deemed cooperation; it could have been thunderstorms, which is what we got on Sunday, the day after the wedding. Oh, did I say that it was an outdoor wedding ... yeah, at 2 p.m. It was indeed brief, maybe 20 minutes, then to the cool reception hall.

The couple thanked their families prior to saying the vows and I thought that was a nice gesture. They had a celebrant officiate the wedding - don't ask ...

Then it was eating and dancing and drinking, well, folks had been drinking for quite sometime ... and this is where the story ends. When alcohol has been consumed from 2 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning, there are more than enough stories that can not be told here ... let's just say that it was a festive and memorable wedding - my first wedding as a bridesmaid. Oh, and no, the bride will NOT be changing her last name - here's why.

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At 11:56 AM, Blogger Beth said...

ahhh HA HA HA! I don't blame her for not changing her name! Glad you had fun at the wedding!

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Radiogirl said...

It was the best time, even for a girl who does not consume alcohol...


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