Friday, September 28, 2007

Air Freshener versus Moth Balls

There is a battle going on in my living quarters ... in one corner we have the sparkling and fresh scent of air freshener and in the opposing corner it is the odiferous stench of moth balls (apparently the previous tenant had an affinity for moth balls).

I won't give up the fight because I abhor the smell of stinky moth balls! That smell must be extinguished. True, the property management did shampoo the carpet in an effort to remove the smell, but the smell is voracious. It lingers in the closets. Yes, it is lurking and seeping through closed doors.

I light scented candles and they smell good for a few hours after they are extinguished; I spray air freshener and that lasts for a smidgen longer than I actually spray it; I've tried some other sprays along with some Renuzit Super Odor Killer adjustable air fresheners (I tried two and opened them to their fullest capacity), but still the scent of moth balls is piercing my nostils. What am I to do ... ?

I am resorting to a short list of really inexpensive products that many people already own. I've read in various places that either vinegar or baking soda will do the trick. I am hoping that I can confirm the skills of both products. If either or both can win the battle against moth balls, I will be over the top elated. Otherwise, I aim to begin a campaign to remove moth balls from the market because they do more harm than good - at least in my world.

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