Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's in a bag?

I've been seeing a lot of floral patterned bags lately. I saw a few students with them and something about them stood out.

Little did I know that they were the ever popular Vera Bradley bags. I was remotely interested until I went into a luggage store and glanced at the price tag ... what!!? Beyond $100 for a fabric, quilt like-bag? Could I get some fabric on sale at a JoAnns and put together my own thing ... ? Well, that's an exaggeration - but obviously I am not willing to pay over $100 for the VB.

I went on eBay and the selection was just okay on my initial search. I lost interest.

However, I am willing to pay over $100 for a 'custom' made bag. So you may say, what's the difference from the Lill handbag and the Vera Bradley? In most cases involving the Lill bag, it is unlikely that there will be a ton of folks with the very same bag. It might have the same material but it might be a different style. And of course, I have some imput on designing the bag. Cool.

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