Monday, October 22, 2007

GPS ... damn GPS

I recently invested in a new cell phone. I desperately wanted a phone w/GPS so that I could navigate unfamiliar territory w/ease. I figured upgrading my celly would be less expensive than investing in a stand along GPS system (the one's where you have to pay for the updates; the cell phone GPS system automatically updates at not additional cost).

So, I did some research and picked up nice LG phone that has a nice camera as well as a music player. Good stuff.

But the GPS was a selling point. It is taking some time to get used to it. It does not load quick enough for me as it verifies my account and checks traffic and what not. In the past week, I have experienced some difficulty in that in the middle of giving me directions, it has frozen up. Ut-oh. Especially since I did not check the directions in advance, meaning totally dependent on the GPS. One time when it dumped out on me, I drove around the block for about 10 minutes trying to get to my destination. Not so fun.

Another thing about my GPS, it is delayed in giving me my directions. For example, it will say, "Turn right at Smith Road." When I turn right on Smith Road, it takes several seconds before telling me what to do next. That is problematic, if I need to get in the far left lane and there is traffic and I am in the far right lane or something like that.

The system also takes pleasure in telling me to do a U-turn. Ya know, in some cities, U-turns are illegal. I'm not sure if the GPS lady knows that.

Do I plan to call my cell phone provider and give them a heads up about the problems? Damn skippy! And I now have my elaminated map on stand by ... just in case. But really, who has time for that?

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