Friday, May 23, 2008

My Life - A Pseudo Reality TV Show

Crazy thing happened last wknd, I volunteered to participate in a clinical study - it was a paid study. I'd never done one before, don't know if I'll do one again, but quick and easy money it was.

But it went from nearly all day Friday until about 1 p.m. on Sunday. Not much contact w/the outside world and thrown into scrubs and footies w/about 30 other women - i.e. pseudo reality TV show.

Of course there was a clash of personalities. Ghettoism ruled; young women freely slinging profanity and a brand of ebonics that was even unfamiliar to me.

And talk about nasty ... I can not go into detail about what happened in the women's restroom. I will only say that they had to phone in assistance for clean up because the staff on hand could not handle it.

Rude too; if you are walking by someone and you want to get by, but they can't see you, a proper 'excuse me' will do. But you should not just bump into them and keep walking. Rude and uncompromising. Playing dvd players w/no headphones loudly and then getting an attitude when someone asks for it to be turned down.

But some were reading books, which gives me hope; Oh, and we had a pretty wide movie selection. I sat down for "August Rush". It was beyond predictable, but not a total time waster. They also watched "Why Did I Get Married?" and some other mystical, prince/princess type movie and that I quietly made an exit from.

Oh, and there was another group that was stuck on Jerry Springer and what seemed like a Maury Povich "Daddy DNA Test" marathon; along w/reruns of Flavor of Love - season 1 (could that be what sent someone to the bathroom ...?).

The food was okay. Though there was a chef salad that was riddled w/ham. I passed on it and was told that I could pick the ham out. Thanks, but no thanks. Someone finally retrieved a tre lettuce salad from the previous night, which was fine by me.

Oh, the sleeping arrangements - you guessed it: bunk beds and lots of them. I did not bring blanket and I could have surely used one. But we weren't permitted to bring much. Actually, the list of what we could not bring was extensive. For example:
  • no toiletries
  • no lip stick, balm, gloss or other lip enhancing products
  • no lotions
I did manage to conjure up a helluva headache, but it subsided soon after I arrived home and was able to take some medication for it.

Would I do it again, depends. I really had nothing else to do that weekend and it was better to make money than to spend it. the payout was $250 which came as a check as we left the facility. Yeah!

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