Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Feeling like I'm making progress

So I've been a bit of a busy body lately.

For some reason, I've gotten into the bad habit of staying up late - like 2 a.m.; then I usually get up by 9 a.m. I need more sleep and as a result I usually end up taking a nap. But I've had a few napless days lately.

Here's what I've managed to accomplish:
  • Went grocery shopping
  • 30 minute walk through the neighborhood (lots and lots of hills; almost got bitten by a dog and almost got hit by a car-twice)
  • awesome Pilates class on Tuesday morning (another class tomorrow afternoon)
  • completing the semester; graded final projects; completed grading for one course
  • made lots and lots of cards (for submission, of course)
  • walked to the nearby shopping district to get some shopping done (very refreshing; just can't buy what you can't carry)
  • started working on my next article for Craft Critique
  • ran the sweeper
  • finished reading "After the Dance"
  • paid some outstanding bills (like the cable bill where I have not received a paper bill for months; I only know that it is overdue when I receive the overdue bill - crazy)
There is more, but some of it is just too personal and I am not going there.

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