Thursday, April 10, 2008

Incredibly Annoying Reasons Why I Can't Sleep!

The title says it all:
  • elderly neighbors who can hear each other argue, but I can hear them CLEARLY! It may seem unreasonable, and uncaring but I've called the police on them more than once.
  • upstairs neighbor who must put on her heels from the time she wakes in the morning @ 6 a.m.-ish and clip clops up and down the hall all morning until 8 a.m.-ish; am I the only one who takes off her shoes when entering the house and don't put them on until I leave the house?
  • trains ... damn trains
  • running water - I can actually hear the water running through the pipes in my building
  • The refrigerator - love the food inside, but sometimes the drone keeps me from dreaming
  • The sound of the heat coming and on and then turning off, coming on and then off ...
  • The sound of the helicopter landing at the hospital across the street
This girl is mad and sleep deprived ... ask me when I'm moving? In a few weeks ... the countdown is on.

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