Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I've Learned Lately

I'm working in Photoshop more these days. Finishing up a 4-week course w/Jessica Sprague. It has been a huge help. I like working w/flourishes, grunge frames and the brushes, oh, the brushes. And the actions too.

I'm doing more w/Dreamweaver too; it's a software program for web design. Would love to link to that page, but it is top secret. Actually, it's just a sample page and quite basic.

Oh, and I am working on some video tutorials. I'm already started. I am using Adobe's Premiere Pro. Do you see a theme here - I have the Adobe Master Collection CS3. It's pricey, but it has all of the bells and whistles. Another thing I've learned (actually I've known, but haven't taken advantage of) is the abundance of software at reduced rates that I have access to.

I've learned that if someone says that there is a sale at a store, if you don't get there pronto, the item that was on sale will be all gone; it will be an item that is discontinued and you will have totally missed out.

I've learned that taking my Pilates classes is doable. I'm taking them at least weekly; I think I'll get there just once this week due to a last minute scheduling of a dental cleaning. Ugh! But the following week it will be two Pilates classes per week. Plus I am adding a spinning class. It is getting time to 'flaunt it'; I should be ready.

I've learned, better yet, realized, that I have more things than I need. I surely don't need four pair of new shoes, yet I have them. Guess what? There will be four pair leaving the house at some point this week - never to return (and don't rule out the fact that I might 'return' a pair that was just purchased). Though the shoes I bought were cheapies - purchased at Target and Payless. So not much damage to the finances.

There have been more lessons learned, but you get the picture.

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