Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Proper Send Off, please ...

I've been an viewer of the CW's "Girlfriends" since it began. In recent years, I have wanted to pitch the show from my viewing list because it lost its moxie, but since it is damn near the only show w/people who look like me, I've tended to give it a chance on Monday evenings @ 9 p.m. (though I must admit, the show's competition at that time is minimal).

I've liked the way the show humorously (and too oft times, dramatically) deals w/a variety of issues and situations. The ensemble cast complimented one another nicely. Loved William's character with so many snide quips; and his latest mate/girlfriend/wife, Monica. When Monica first arrived on the show she was 'in-your-face' feisty! Loved that. She's simmered down lately and I don't much like it.

Speaking of liking something ... my point w/this post is to inform you that the show is over. The last episode aired on Monday, February 11 @ 9:30 p.m. How about that? Learning that a show's season finale aired after the show aired ... Yeah, CW announced later in the week that the Monday episode was the last one.

Folks are not happy. Count me amongst them. A proper send off is in order. So let's get on the horn and let the CW know that the show deserves at least an adequate series finale. You know, an episode that could include a reunion between Joan and Toni ...!? Hello. I have been watching and waiting and hoping that the sassy Toni Childs would return and then return the show to it's proper place on my TV viewing list - near the top.

So check out this webbie - Sheila Goss' blog - the info is there on contacting the CW.

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