Friday, January 11, 2008

Thinking ahead

I'm thinking about New Year's resolutions - things to do. But before I write up a slate of activities, let me reflect on how the '07 resolutions panned out:

take at least one snowboarding lesson (I attemped several times in the last two years)

  • I did not get to this one; I could chalk it up to a crappy winter w/not a lot of snow action, but I think I will transfer this one to the forthcoming '08 list

learn spanish

  • I did not make any progress on this one since I can't count thinking about it

complete a small 6x6 or 8x8 scrapbook

  • I make cards because I can get them done and usually quickly; scrapbooking no matter the size of the pages, just seems too daunting to me - MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED

complete 3-4 mini books

  • I did complete some mini-book; I think I did two and I really enjoyed them.

Travel (by airplane) to at least two cities I have never been to before

  • I went to Boston in April, but that was it; this one will also roll over to '08

Run a 5K (at least)

  • I sort of accomplished this one; I did go to a 5K; I ran for a good portion, but I also walked for a good portion; in '08 there will be another one of these and maybe a 10k

Get published in Cards magazine!

  • cha-ching! I got this one! I was in the October '07 issue! Yeah.

Stay tuned for more ... and hopefully more ambitious resolutions.

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