Monday, February 04, 2008

BOOK REVIEW "Half of a Yellow Sun" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"Half of a Yellow Sun" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I liked this book because the storyline was so unlike other books that I have read. It was a fictional story of the war in Biafra. I don't know if it was my ignorance or not, but at first I thought that the war component was made up. But the Biafran War was real and the images described in the book frequently bought tears to my eyes.
But the story's focus is on a small cast of characters, their lives and how their lives change dramatically in wartime.
Without giving away too much, the romance between the two main characters was portrayed so lovingly when things were going well, but the tense times were also realistic - the human factor is just that no matter what country you live in.

There were some unanswered questions mainly in reference to 'who really slept w/who'. And like in real life, I have not real reason for wanting to know; just curious.

The book was long; I felt like it could have been edited a bit to reduce the page count, but it was a good read. Toward the end, I was really anxious to complete the book so I slugged through it at a pretty good clip.

"Half of a Yellow Sun" New York Times Book Review

Next up for the Literary Sistas Reading Group is "Upstate: A Novel" by Kalisha Buckhanon.

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