Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My BFF, the electric blanket

Let me first say, that I am typically cold. I dress in layers year round. I would much rather be hot than cold. Living in a cold climate can be fun, but not if I'm constantly cold. In my office at my last teaching job in a new building, I had the coldest office (in my opinion). To top it off, my office was near the entrance to the building and there was often a draft (again in a city that has a bonafide winter). To make matters worse, everyone had temperature controls in their office EXCEPT me! Crazy. So, I kept a heater under my desk. Loved that. I even ran it in the Spring and Summer because the air conditioner was too much for me.

I say all of that to say, I am the owner of an electric blanket. I am so in love with it. I absolutely love to turn it on about ten minutes before getting in bed and it is so scrumptious when I finally lay down to read a book before going to sleep.

There have been times, where I have removed it from the bed to accompany me on the couch. Snuggling under an electric blanket on a dank winter weekend is sooooo soothing. You should try it.

I got my electric blanket on sale after the cold chill had broken last year. Contrary to the electric heater, I do not use the electric blanket year round.

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At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love mine...snuggled on my favorite chair and watching TV!

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently!


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