Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post Grammy's

I've mentioned before how much I like awards season. I like to see the winners accept their award - and I am always hopeful that they speak from the heart and not from some folded up piece of paper.

Well, the Grammy Awards came and went, but not w/out a few incidents:
  • Aretha Franklin is peeved w/Beyonce because Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as "The Queen"
    • I got a kick out of this. Especially when I read on Bossip that Beyonce's father said that Beyonce did not say "The Queen of Soul" or whatever ...
  • Natalie Cole publicly stating that she did not think that Amy Winehouse should have won any awards (Winehouse won five of six nominations). Cole was referring to Winehouse's battle w/drug and alcohol addiction. It's unfortunate that Cole has her Grammy already along w/having had some of the same issues that Winehouse is dealing with; furthermore, I am glad the Winehouse did win - the awards are for her music and not the struggles in her life.
  • Oh, and can someone tell Kanye West to 'get off of himself!' I like his music, but his arrogance is indigestible.
Can't wait to see the Oscars and see how that pans out. What will they do when Ruby Dee wins and she wants to talk forever ... ?

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At 9:52 PM, Blogger Shelia said...

I've always loved watching the whole award thing...from the red carpet to the show.

I'm boycotting the Oscars since The Great Debaters didn't get any nominations. I'll have to read about whether or not Ruby Dee won (I hope she does...its long overdue.)


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