Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Cleveland International Film Festival is Coming ...

There are some pretty good flicks nominated for Oscars this year. I can't say that I've seen any of them, but here are the ones that are on my list; I need to see these at some point:

"There Will Be Blood"
"No Cry for Old Men"
"Michael Clayton"

Meanwhile, the Cleveland International Film Festival is sneaking up on me. Two and a half weeks of big screen bliss. The schedule is already posted on their webbie. Though it does not seem as if tix are on sale just yet. I've been trying to comb through the sked and cross reference my daily sked to see how much I can fit in this year. Last year I did nothing - that was a first. Just could not sync up the skeds.

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At 1:32 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I got a postcard about it in the mail the other day, but forgot to go to the film festival's site until just now.

My friend and I went last year:


Also funny and worth the money: Coffee Date, which I saw at the film festival on Sunday. I wasn't that impressed with Relative Obscurity, and had the most fun picking out the locations since it was filmed in and around OU/Athens. Severance was good for a horror film, but those really aren't my bag. Beautiful, Ohio was memorable mostly for the collective gasp from the audience about five to ten minutes before the movie ended.

This Week in Netflix: Volume 3

[end quote]

My friend won the raffle, so she gets free passes to everything this year. I'm only marginally jealous . . .


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