Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reality TV .... it's yummy!

There's a lot of reality TV on TV these days - and no, I don't believe that it is a result of the most recent writer's strike; just cheaply produced television.

I like reality TV. Mostly when there is something tangible on the line like
  • American's Next Top Model
  • American Idol
  • Project Runway
  • Top Chef
  • The Apprentice
Now there is a reality TV genre called scripted reality TV. Those are shows where the material and events on the show are pretty much planned out. You'll see this on:
  • Run's House
  • The Hills
  • Fatherhood
I like some of the competition reality TV shows also. The only problem is that people will do any number of things just for a dollar. But some shows that still have some integrity are:
  • Amazing Race
  • Survivor
Now, if you want to just waste time ... there is a reality TV show (or two) that don't require much from you, but to sit in front of the tube and stare blankly.
  • Flavor of Love
  • The Bachelor
  • Rock of Love
  • The Real World
And there are some others that don't do much for me, but I must admit that I've seen them - if only a segment:
  • American's Next Smartest Model

Yeah, it's not the best in quality television, but it does offer some glimpse into socialization. And don't you just love the way that MTV recycles their reality TV show participants? Or the way C- and D-list actors get a second life on VH-1? And then there is Oprah's Big Give. I like the concept, but I did not like the competition factor and the bickering on that show. Not what I expected.

What reality TV shows do you like?

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