Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Aches and Pains

So I don't have to ask myself about the aches and pains because I know the true source of the issue. But I thought I'd share w/you so that you can learn a lesson or two and not suffer as much as I am suffering.

I promised myself that I would practice more Pilates this year. Well, I've certainly kept that promise to myself. Since February, I've been doing Pilates twice a week (unless I'm traveling). This is not your typical Pilates. No, this is machine Pilates. I love my gym. It's like a cute little boutique gym. There are no more that six members in a Pilates class at a time. But the machines are wonderful - it's does not seem like work or exercise at all; quite relaxing.

But Pilates is not the reason for my aches ... no, occasionally on Monday afternoons I talk a walk through the neighborhood w/some of the girls from the gym. The neighborhood, mind you, is a bit hilly, meaning, we usually begin our walk by asking "should we take the big hill or the big, big hill?" All of the hills are gargantuan! That is the cause of my aches and pains, well, that and after the 45 minute walk (this is not a stroll) I then went to the gym for a Pilates class.

No complaints, right - no pain, no gain - except I am not striving for a goal, just some consistency in my workout regime.

My advice to you ... get your workout on, just spread the workouts out evenly ...

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