Friday, June 06, 2008

I Love "30 Rock"

I don't know what I've been doing w/my time lately. Actually, if you check out the All Consuming info, you can see that I have been consuming something.

I had been trying to wait to post my thoughts on the first season of "30 Rock". I've been on Netflix taking advantage of the 'watch instantly' feature. 'Watch instantly' is cool but it's a bit janky at times and it is difficult to rewind and fast forward w/o losing the entire stream.

Now "30 Rock" - I did miss the pilot about about five episodes and it was nice for me to get some fresh laughs. I am a huge fan of Jack. Alec Baldwin is awesome in that role. I do like Lemon as well. However, sometimes I just can't believe that she is as smart and stupid as she is. But interestingly enough Tracy's character is also high on my list. The things he says are so ridiculous, but not really. Oh, and Kenneth is so well calculated - love that. The supporting cast do an awesome job of pulling it all together.

I am waiting to get to the episode about the Black Crusaders chasing after Tracy. I think I am about six episodes away from that one. I thought I saw all of it, but it seems I missed NBC's Lester Holt and I hear it's hilarious.

What are your thoughts on "30 Rock"? Some say that it is a show that they just don't 'get'. I get it; I get laughs ... lots of silly laughter.

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