Monday, February 09, 2009

Music Monday 14 :: The 2009 Grammy Recap

I did a little twittering about this year's Grammy Awards. As always I get excited about them. I like to see who arrives and I like the performances.

The pre-awards drama was involving Chris Brown and allegedly Rhianna. Don't have the details, but neither ended up showing up for the show and Brown was supposed to perform. So something is going on.

Crazy thing though is that many of the rap and R&B categories were handed out in the pre-show. Then the only R&B category was the first award. That was kinda cool though. A cleaned up Whitney Houston handed out the award w/Jennifer Hudson winning. How cool is that?

The show was packed w/performances ... I want to see more of the award winners and their acceptance speeches. Do they have the pre-show available for viewing? If not, they should. I think that they do have some vid. I'll check YouTube.

I did finally fall asleep just before the show was over, but woke myself back up to see the last award. And to see Stevie perform.

All in all ... it was a decent show. I'm trying to figure out who filled in for Chris Brown and Rhianna's performances ... ? And I'm thinking that I like the performances, but I really want to see more of the award winners. I'm still sorting that out in my mind though.

Oh ... one more thing ... I thought M.I.A. was a trooper. I mean showing up and performing on the day you are due to give birth. So brave. I thought that the baby would drop during her performance w/the fellas on "Swagger Like Us". So cool.

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