Thursday, February 18, 2010

MAP: The American University in Cairo Campus

I've been playing around w/UMapper. Instead of getting quality sleep, I make maps.

I was unable to get the campus map from the campus folks, so I went out and took a pick of the campus map that is posted all around the AUC campus.

Only problem is that I wanted to enlarge the image and I could not quite figure out how to do that. I was able to zoom in on it while working in Picasa, but no luck on zooming in so that some of the locations are more distinguishable.

So here's my crafty work. Note the audio is NOT from campus, but just some audio I had available to test out the audio function.

Overall, I like UMapper. Especially that I could add my own image to begin creating a map. Oh, I did not use Google Maps because you can only get so close and it's not close enough. As for images, I had to resize them and make them smaller, around 100kb for size.

Thanks for stopping by.

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