Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Ohio License Plates

I did not get this memo. The state of Ohio is issuing newly designed license plates (as of November 2009).

I first saw this plate on a car parked in my grandmother's driveway. I was picking up my brother and did not have time to go inside, but I asked my brother who's car it was and he said that it belonged to my uncle. I said, well, that's interesting because it has out of state plates on it. We just shrugged it off and went on our way.

But in the course of us running errands, I spotted the plates again on the road. I pointed them out to my brother and we tried to figure out what state the plates represented. Finally, we pulled into a parking lot and saw someone sitting in their car who had the new plate on their car and asked them about it. The driver explained that they were the new Ohio state license plates. After a closer look, we could see the big 'O'. But we thought that the plates might have been Florida or California with the bright yellow and blue sky.

The new plates just don't do much for me. It's hard to tell that they are Ohio plates. Most of the details are on the perimeter. If motorists have a license plate cover or border, then those details are not visible.

Oh, well. I guess some folks are happy. I was never a big fan of the red, white and blue plates. And I wish Ohio officials would get of the need to taut the Wright Brothers as all things Ohio. That ongoing battle between North Carolina and Ohio of claiming the Wright Brothers is so old. I mean, who truly cares about where the actual birthplace of aviation is ... ? And why does it need to be paraded on the state license plate?

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At 6:53 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the "Beautiful Ohio" plates are selling well. BMV has sold 182,399 sets of the new plates compared to 71,172 of the red/white/blue "Sunburst" over the Alleghenies plate since November 23.

Ohioans gobble up colorful license plates


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