Monday, March 01, 2010

Music Monday 49 :: thesixtyone

In an effort to share all that I come across that is good, I bring you my thoughts on 'thesixtyone'.

I've been diggin thesixtyone for over a month, maybe longer. Let's see if I can give it a proper definition: a free music Web site where you can discover new artists and new music. Well, sure, that's 'a' definition, but thesixtyone is a bit more than that. They call themselves 'a music adventure'. For me, it's sort of a radio station: I select a genre that I want to hear and it plays music in that genre.

You can earn 'hearts' by taking challenges and by signing in daily, then you can use those 'hearts' to show your love for tracks that you like. When you 'heart' and listen to certain songs, you can increase your reputation. An increased reputation gives you more credibility.

Here are some other features (too many features to list all of them here):
  • You can build a playlist; only ten tracks per playlist, but still.
  • You can skip songs that you don't like and you can repeat songs that you need to hear over and over again.
  • You can choose a 'mood' to listen to instead of a genre. The moods include trippy, sad, rocky, love, covers and more.
  • You can share and comment and in some cases you can download the tracks, some for free and some for a small fee
I've discovered Bomani's "Read a Book" on thesixtyone. Not a new song, but new to me. I like "Goodbye" by Kamedah Bowyer; mellow song and she a nice voice. Glam.I.Rock's "Empty Street" is an uptempo track w/a catchy chorus. I'm on the verge of buying that one and "Everyday Poppa" by Slynk has a mix of Arrested Development's "Tennessee" along w/The Isley Brother's "Between the Sheets" and another loop that makes it a nice, slick track.

The downside: I've been listening to thesixtyone a lot and as a result, I'm hearing some repetition. I usually switch genre's when that happens.

There's no loss in giving thesixtyone a try, but there is so much to gain. Good, new music is out there.

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