Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday 89 :: Music Related Apps for the iPad

Music Monday 89 :: Music Related Apps for the iPad

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I'm a late adopter of the first generation iPad. That means I got one for Christmas and a new one, the iPad2, was released a few months later.

I'm not mad about it, just ... well, I'm an iPad owner and not an Apple fan. I don't like the proprietary-ness that's related to their files and what not. I could go on, but that's not the focus here.

It's Monday ... Music Monday and I'd like to share with you two music related apps that I use on my iPad.

NPR Music
I've used this app sporadically, but for no good reason. Every time I fire it up, I discover something that I like. I found Beans and Charles Bradley via the NPR Music iPad app, oh, and a killer interview w/Lupe Fiasco. Can't beat the fact that it's free, but if you're like me, you'll feel guilty and head to the NPR Website to make a donation:

  • I like the way you can check out music via genre.
  • Not all of the stories have audio, but still some good writing and discovery.
  • The live performance options are endless: variety in genres, npr programming, etc.
  • You can easily share the things that you like (or dislike): there's email as well as Twitter and Facebook integration.

This app bills itself as 'aural happiness'. Aaaah, and it is. The folks behind this app are the cool kids over at thesixtyone. I've blogged about thesixtyone before. The iPad app is something of a variation of thesixtyone webbie. You will easily discover new music and have fun swiping and 'hearting' music and all for the price of free:

  • I like the layout: a photo mosaic of the artist and you can tap anywhere and that artist's song plays.
  • I like the way the app fades in and out between songs.
  • Of course, there's Twitter and Facebook integration.
I won't say run out and get an iPad because I'm not that kinda girl, but if you have an iPad or access to one, then there's no good reason why you shouldn't try out these two applications.

What music-related apps are you using on your iPad?

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