Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday 93 :: Beyonce "Run the World (Girls)"

Music Monday 93 :: Beyonce "Run the World (Girls)"

If not feelin this song or this video. My disdain for the video is that Beyonce should move away from this crawling on the ground thing. I'm thinking that she thinks it's sexy or someone told her it's sexy or both. It may have been sexy a few videos ago, but it's played out now.

As for the song, for the most part it sounds empty; something sort of grabbed me midway through, but it did not grab my attention from the beginning. It sort of seems like she's trying to to "Survivor" and "Single Ladies," but it's not really working this time.

At Beyonce's level, I do expect more and I mean more than just changing your clothes several times in a a video. Now, the high heels, dancing, in the sand ... well, I'll give her props for that.

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