Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feelin Geeky

I spend a good amount of time on Twitter. It's my source for current events, learning new things and basically eavesdropping on other people's lives.  Though it's true that I'm also on the G+ wagon.

But this post is about Twitter and specially this little infographic about my Twitter use (see image below). Since I gnerated this infographic, I decided to pull up my recent Klout Stats. Actually for my Klout stats (51 out of 100 for @KimFoxWOSU), I just went to my page. But my stats give me 98.2 out of 100. Whatever, I'm not even a teeny bit concerned about my ranking in the Twitter world, but it's obvious that Klout and Tweetgrader operate on different criteria.

You can also retrieve data on your tweeting from Twentyfeet, though it's not as cute as the infographic from

FYI, for other statistical data I use Statcounter for a quick and general peek at who's checking out my blogs. It's a bit creepy though, since I can see also exactly where the traffic to my blogs and websites is coming from. It provides ISP addys, OS info and a lot more and yes, that's a free service (though obviously, with some limitations).

Of course, there's Google Analytics for the uber geek. I have a lot of accounts on Google Analytics, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the information there; or maybe just the organization of the information is confusing to me. But I do pay attention to that bounce rate; it's a bit unwieldy.

Yeah, I'm just a little bit geeky. How about you?

Oh, and btw, that girl should have a skirt on ... and I'm not quite a gamer ... just some Words with Friends, BeJeweled, Sudoku and Fruit Ninja and all on the iPad.

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