Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Gift from a Friend :: Slouchy Hat

A Gift from a Friend :: Slouchy Hat

Last year at about this time of the year I saw a slouchy hat on Etsy that I really liked (see images below). So I found some yarn that I liked and asked my mom, who knits, to duplicate the style.
Images borrowed from Etsy; search 'slouchy hats.'

Mom informed me that the yarn was too thick for it to work.

Image credit: my own Instagram account.

Of course, I'm determined. So I took a pic of the yarn and emailed it along with the hat style to my knitting friend from grad school Traci Currie. I also told Traci what my mom had said. Traci concurred, but asked me to send her the yarn and she'd see what she could do.

Here are the results. Though I'm not wearing it slouchy at all. Mom was sort of right. The thickness of the yarn makes it a bit heavy. Moms says great job Traci! I love the hat. And more importantly: thanks to my girl Traci! So much love for her.

Awesome and #lovethat!
Image credit: Kim Fox

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