Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tim Russert

Like many people, I was jolted last Friday afternoon after hearing about the sudden death of Tim Russert. What an awesome person. So passionate about his job as a NBC News Washington Bureau Chief and host of the weekly political show "Meet the Press".

I used to love to sit on the couch on a lovely Sunday morning (I'm not really a frequent Sunday morning church goer) w/some coffee and the Sunday newspaper and the television on "Meet the Press". Russert could be affable, but mostly he got to the crux of many issues by asking the tough questions.

Well, I'm in D.C. for a few weeks. My sister drove me past the NBC offices on Nebraska Avenue where flowers and other items have been left in honor of Russert.

We then attended the public memorial @ St. Albans on Tuesday, June 17th. So touching. There was a long line, but it moved swiftly. Of course, it was a solemn moment. There was a closed casket and a beautiful flower arrangement. Once we filed through we shook hands w/some family members before having an opportunity to jot down our words of support for the Russert Family or just so share any thoughts about Russert.

Also, while there, a slim, but white haired guy walked by ... it was former presidential candidate John Kerry.

I am so moved by this - the passing of Tim Russert. My common denominators with him include
  • living in Buffalo, New York
  • living in Cleveland, Ohio
  • interest in politics
  • career in journalism
  • fan of the Buffalo Bills (him more so than me)
Russert's sudden passing leaves such a major void especially with the upcoming presidential election.

My thoughts and prayers are w/his family, friends and colleagues.

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