Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birthday Bliss

So here is the rundown for how I spent my birthday:
  • woke up to noisy neighbors
  • officially woke up to NPR on the radio
  • aerobic work out for about 25 minutes
  • read USA Today
  • ate wheat toast w/butter and peach jam for breakfast
  • slight headache
  • wore my Ann Taylor black shirt dress w/sandals
  • took the top off of the Jeep (one of the day's highlights and cruising the town)
  • ran to campus briefly
  • brought a pair of $9 shorts @ Steve & Barry's (I hope they do not go out of biz)
  • came home to a package from CARDS Magazine (I'm in the Aug o8 issue)
  • took a short nap
  • checked snail mail: another package (large) and birthday cards
  • arranged an appt to sell clothes listed on Craigslist ($20)
  • ate Wendy's :-( poor planning on my part
  • went rollerblading on the city street - awesome (one of the day's highlights)
  • edited and distributed the CleveEvents list (I am way too dedicated to that list)
The details: the large package came from my best bud Baer! Included a t-shirt, well, specifically an Orgeon Public Broadcasting (OPB) women's t-shirt. Lovely. Along w/some shortbread squares. Tasty. Some papers for card making. Crafty. and some other goodies.

Lots of emails, text messages, wall posts on Facebook and phone calls w/birthday wishes. Bliss indeed.

The celebration of life continues ... thanks for the love.

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