Friday, August 01, 2008

Cell Phone or Mobile Phone

So I was recently having a conversation w/someone about cell phones and they made the sly comment that cell phones are old school and cell towers are no longer in use and therefore we are now using mobile phones.

I began to ponder and then began some research. And that is not exactly true. It's very technical and I'm not certain that I won't blotch it trying to relay my newly found knowledge - so I won't even try. You are on your own; and yes, I am leaving you hanging, at least in that regard.

However, the topic does bring something else to mind for me - my mobile. I am very much in like w/my service provider, Sprint. And let me tell you why:
  • my monthly bill is $66. I like that price. It includes unlimited texting, internet access, gps, 400 peak minutes and unlimited nights and weekends that begin @ 6 p.m. Oh, that $66 includes an educators discount. Cool. I made some other comments about my LG phone in an earlier post. Not much has changed since then. I mostly remain blissful about it and it's capabilities.
I saw (through a direct marketing piece) that Sprint has a new mobile device similar to the iPhone. I won't get it unless it's free and then I'd have to seriously consider the fact that it would probably take me away from my happy little $66 plan.

But the new Spring Instinct (see image above) has that iPhone look - sleek w/the flat panel. It has the basic features of most mobile phones too. Though I was wondering if it shot video; I believe that the answer is no.

Well, you can be ambitious and be an 'early adopter'. I want to sit this one out mainly because I like my current phone and its rate plan just fine thankyouverymuch. I'll catch the next big thing next time around. How are things in your mobile world?

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