Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What I've Learned/Realized Recently

... if you have good news, then share it w/everyone and not just a few, select people.

... if you have visitors, don't be rude and leave them w/o asking if they want to join you.

... if someone does something that you don't appreciate, you could be the bigger person and forget about it.

... the craft item that is on sale this week, will probably go on sale again in the near future.

... there is power in positive thinking (this one was reinforced).

... how cool would it be if more people were helpful to one another?

... I'd like to ride the bus or train to work regularly.

... if I had a dog, I'd choke up the leash when walking; just as a courtesy to other walkers.

... if you take a phone call in front of people, make the call short - don't be rude.

... if you don't have time time talk, then let the call go to voicemail as opposed to answering the phone then rushing the caller off the line.

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