Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some of my Fav Things - This Week

I like potato chips, but they do not agree w/my skin. I found some Olive Oil chips that are awesome and did not make me break out.

I also like the Lays Natural Chips though my local grocer is often out of them by the time I get to the store (what is up w/that?).

Then my sis introduced me to the Lays Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. I like salt and vinegar chips, but if I had a choice, I'd choose plain. W/that in mind, I love these chips! The only backlash is that, yes, they make me break out. Everything in moderation, eh?

Speaking of break out, I discovered something that really works well for me and it is over-the-counter. Love that. It's a Clean and Clear product called Advantage Acne Cleanser (and I don't think that this is the same product that is in the kit) and the spot treatment will zap a zit in no time. There is a back story. I tried one of their spot removal products and it did not work so well and it seemed to be defective. So I called them and told them that. Well, they sent me some coupons for a freebie and other $2 and $1 off coupons. Nice. So I tried the product that I am not hooked on.

Oh and one more thing. I had a hankering for some fruit the other day, but I'm traveling, so having a great deal of fresh fruit that might go to waste was not an option. So I picked up some Fruit Naturals - red grapefruit! Very tasty. I did not read the label for all of the specifics, but boy did it taste good.

Have you had any tasty treats or positive experiences w/any products? Do tell.

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At 1:51 PM, Blogger Lori said...

Hmm . . . Olive Oil chips? Sounds tasty. So who makes them? I've had the Sea Salt & Vinger chips too, but I always feel guilty when I eat them.

Lately, I've been singing the praises of Steel Cut Oats. I get mine from Quaker.

I'm also loving Nature Valley's "Sweet & Salty Nut" Granola bars. The almond flavored ones not only come with whole almonds, but they're dipped in an almond butter coating. Have mercy! They taste so GOOD to me, I know they couldn't possibly be good for me. (LOL)

At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those grapefruit cups are the bomb diggity.


Well the reason why I came here is I just bought a case of them today from Costco (as I usually do), but as I opened the first cup with a big smile on my face, I noticed the color of the fruit pieces were more white than red. And I was wondering if it was in any way rotten or bad to eat. (I ended up eating them anyway. It tasted okay.)

But yeah...other than the occasional white batch, they're pretty damn good.


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