Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MOVIE REVIEW: "Burn After Reading" - WTF

MOVIE REVIEW: "Burn After Reading"

So I was coaxed into seeing The Coen Brothers "Burn After Reading" because so many of the critics said that it was incredibly awesome. Well, they did not use that language, but they made it seem as if I was really missing out on a really good flick amongst a sea of really bad ones.

I'm a sucker for laughter. I would spend lots of quarters on nothing but laughs. Well, in this case I spent 24 quarters and ... and well, I spent 24 quarters.

Overall, I did like the film. It was a bit complex at times though it's not really complex at all. How can I put this: It's a smart dumb movie. Their writing is really crafty and witty. And yeah, I fork over quarters for that too.

I was really anticipating seeing Brad Pitt in a comedic role. I must admit that I have not seen many Brad Pitt movies and I think the last one that I saw was the last one in the "Ocean's" series, what was that 13...? Anyway, again, more quarters for seeing a bumbling Pitt on screen. Not hilariously funny, but funny. Oh and George Clooney is good, but John Malkovich is my fav in this one.

This movies gets points for not being shy about dropping the 'f-bomb'. It became a crutch, a funny one at that.

The cast was cool. So much fun to watch and try to predict who would do what next. I would see this one again, only on video, more like 16 quarters.

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