Thursday, February 26, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Wrestler"

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Wrestler"

Got a chance to see this one one the day of the Oscars. I was really interested in Mickey Rourke. I had never seen a film w/Rourke in it. I know. Crazy. Some say I should see "9 1/2 Weeks". We'll just have to see about that.

But I think I have been drawn to Rourke's "fall-from-grace-and-now-I'm-back-but-more-humble" turn of events. I saw a profile piece on him on CBS Sunday Morning. There were all these clips of him as a young actor; a young and very handsome actor.

He is definitely a different looking guy. But life experiences sometimes have a way of showing up in a physical way, right?

So the movie "The Wrestler"... yeah, well, I was somewhat underwhelmed. Maybe there'd been too much pre-hype before I saw it. But I did like the trailer, so ... there's that.

I thought Rourke was Randy. He was that convincing in that role. I was a bit miffed at Marisa Tomei's character, Cassidy/Pam. Or was it what I thought was excessive nudity that miffed me? You know, I get like that w/nudity and sex. If it's central to the plot, I'm all for it, but the minute you take advantage of that, you lose me. I was not impressed w/the 'stripper, woe is me' role. And why was it in one of the strip club scenes, the other girls in the scene were somewhat covered, but Tomei's character is romping around w/nipples ablaze and exposed crotch? Whatever.

And oh, the crazy scene where is daughter blew up on him ... just a bit over the top, unnecessary.

There were some good moments. Randy was so charming when he was trying to woe Cassidy/Pam and his daughter.

The movie is worth seeing. It does have a good plot. So see it and let me know what you think.

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