Sunday, August 23, 2009

Music Monday 36 :: "I Ain't No Joke" by Eric B & Rakin

Eric B & Rakim "I Ain't No Joke" (1987)

What is not to like about "I Ain't No Joke" by Eric B & Rakim? How about Rakim letting his dj Eric B. take the lead and get some of the spotlight...? That was in 1987. Take note modern day suckas.

Love the way Eric B. filters that JB through the track. And at the bridge, Eric B just gives it to ya. And do I need to talk about Rakim's rhymes? His style? Rakim's got that swagger w/o being annoyingly bodacious. For real.

Did he just say "frenemy"?

Check out Eric B & Rakim's "I Ain't No Joke" video on YouTube.

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