Monday, September 21, 2009

Music Monday 39 :: "Let's Go Crazy' by Prince and the Revolution

"Let's Go Crazy" Prince and the Revolution (1984)

I have never been an all out Prince fan (and for the record I can count the groups that I have been a fan of: The Roots and Cameo). But I like Prince and most of his music. I remember my brother and I used to buy 45s back in the day. We definitely had Prince's "Soft and Wet" when it first came out. Now, my brother, he was a true Prince fan. Good times.

When the movie "Purple Rain" was released, I was in college. I was only somewhat interested in seeing the movie, but I did like the soundtrack or at least what I'd heard from the soundtrack. The soundtrack was the perfect fit for the movie. Perfect I say.

But "Let's Go Crazy" has always been a favorite song for me. I love the uptempo 'craziness' of it. I remember once when I worked at "The Wiz" in Cincinnati and I played "Let's Go Crazy" and my boss had a conniption. He said that that song was a 'rock' song and it did not belong on an R&B station. He berated me for several minutes at which point I said that it should not be in the studio if it's not appropriate for this station's format. Point is, it's a great song that defies categorization in my opinion.

Check out a snippet of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" for old times sake.

Prince - Lets Go Crazy - Prince

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