Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music Monday 37 :: "Dream" by Alice Smith

"Dream" by Alice Smith (2006)

Despite getting a Grammy nod in 2007, Alice Smith is just not getting her due. At least not in my book.

I got this cd before it's wide release, but I let it sit on my desk for a bit and I eventually gave the disc to my sister. She promptly asked me if I'd listened to the cd. Well, you can see how it went: I introduced my sis to a bomb diggity new artist and she in turn introduced the artist to me. Weird.

"Dream" is the first track on Smith's debut cd "For Lovers, Dreamers & Me". It's a sultry track and it's got a long slowness to it. I'm not a fan of ballads, so the fact that I'm hooked is a sign of a good thing. Smith knows just when to drag out a word and bend them in the most contorted ways. The way that "Dream" climaxes is astounding. It's not too overboard, but almost.

Check out Alice Smith's performance on "Ellen" last year.

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