Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Six Sites I Log Into Daily

AIf you're like me, you are on the Internet quite a bit. When I was using Firefox as my Internet browser, I liked that I could save my session so that the next time I opened Firefox, the same pages would display from the previous session.

Unfortunately, that feature does not exist (yet) in Google Chrome. However, Chrome does allow you to enter in the urls that you want to use when you first open Chrome. It's not a substitute for the save session feature, but it's a work around that I can accept.

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So I currently have six websites that I begin with daily.

1. Twitter: It's become my lifeline. I have five twitter accounts that I manage and that's a bit much to keep up with. I often use Social Oomph to schedule tweets and I use TweetDeck too. Tweetdeck has recently upped their game and I like some of the new features. All that to say, that I'm still married to the Twitter web interface and I like to see the Top Tweets too.

2. Facebook: Well, yeah, you know that FB would be on the list. Living abroad, FB is my connection to my friends w/out having to talk to them. I'd love to talk to them, but the seven hour time difference is a bit of a problem sometimes. So FB is a good bridge between the time zones.

3. AUC Mail: I need to remain in touch w/what is going on at work. Though currently I have my vacation message on: "Final grades have been submitted and I am away from the office until August, 2010" or something like that.

4. Gmail: My Gmail has mostly become my primary email account. I still use Hotmail and Yahoo, but I like the Gmail interface and options like adding labels.

5. Delicious: I like Delicious because I can see what my network is bookmarking and what stories I may have missed. Sometimes I'll check to see what's popular and recent, but mostly I'm just adding my own bookmarks and checking my networks bookmarks.

6. Yahoo!: My yahoo account has become my account for subscriptions. So it tends to fill up and not really with emails that I make the time to read. I usually scan for important emails. Oh, and I take a glance at the top stories on the Yahoo! home page too.

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