Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday 67 :: Citizen Cope "Sideways"

MUSIC MONDAY 67 :: Citizen Cope "Sideways" (2002) (2004)

When I come on late to music, I come late. Not ashamed to admit that. But sometimes it's how you come in contact w/an old song.

In this case, I was recently watching the movie "Ghost Town" w/Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear. The movie was okay, but at the end they played this song during a sequence and it really stood out. Of course, when the movie's over, I'm waiting for the song to be listed in the credits. I'm looking for a song w/the word 'feelings' in the title, but it ain't there. Nah, the song is called "Sideway," a word that's part of the hook of the song.

It's slow and simple and has just the right amount of acoustic guitar (there is, however, another version w/Carlos Santana going to town). The lyrics to "Sideways" just have a way of resonating ... maybe because he sings the same line over and over again: "These feelings won't go away ... they been knockin me sideways", but I haven't gotten bored with it.

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