Friday, September 03, 2010

7 Things People Don't Know About Me

7 Things People Don't Know About Me

I know that this is an old list that's been going around, but I'm feeling like revealing a little bit about myself. Going for a bit of transparency here.

Saw Princess Lasertron's Things I Don't Want People to Know list and her cutie pie webbie and I thought 'why not give it a go?'.

1. I've never seen the movie "Superfly" or "Foxy Brown" or "Dolemite" or most of the blaxploitation films. I'd like to blame my parents, which is good for them that they wouldn't allow me to watch those films as a kid, but it's been, what, too many years to count, when I could have seen them on my one and I haven't. Oh, well, there goes my black card.

2. While I'm on the subject of films, can I just put it all out there? I've never seen all of "The Godfather" and I haven't seen "Scarface" at all. I think that this is as bad as it gets as it relates to movies ... and so I'll move on because, well, because I'd like for you to forget those first two and fast.

3. When I was young, like 2 years old, I used to have braces on my legs. Seems my feet just wouldn't do what they were supposed to do on their own which is point straight. I thought I saw a picture once, but I can't seem to find it lately.

4. Less than a year after I'd finished my undergrad degree, I'd lost two very close friends: one while still in college in a motorcycle accident and one soon after (murdered). They were like my brothers always looking out for me. Miss them both - a lot.

Sometimes I'll have a smoothie with my breakfast.

5. I eat breakfast almost daily. I love a big breakfast, though I don't eat a whole lot and I usually only get a big breakfast on days when I'm not working (time constraints). I'm a fan of pancakes, french toast, omelette's, turkey sausage or turkey bacon, grits, oatmeal and cereal. Not so big on bagels or muffins, but I might take some banana bread. Oh, and some juice. I like a nice breakfast to line my belly and get me off to a good start.

6. I've met some of my best and closest friends while working at WBLK in Buffalo. I thought I'd be there for a year or so and ended up staying for four years. Some of the worst winter storms of my life, seeing the Bills lose four Superbowls, breakfast at Mattie's, being a Girl Scout leader, frequent trips to Toronto and just some plain ole, ridiculous, knock down, drag out high end drama! My grandfather was right when he told me that Buffalo was just a "raggedy ass city", but the people are priceless. Not a day goes by when I'm not in touch w/someone from my Buffalo posse.

7. I fell in love once ... and with someone who was also madly in love w/me. You know how people are always saying 'live in the moment?' and 'enjoy the moment?' ... well, that's what I did then! Incredible. So glad that I had a chance to experience that. I used to regret that I let that guy go; that the relationship didn't go where it could have gone, which was down the aisle. But now ... today, I'm so glad I am where I am in my life and I would have never gotten here had I stayed there.
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